It’s easy thinking of Duty’s work,  he is the representation of the sensual elegance, beauty and urban painting of his own culture (Milan). Duty has perfectly learned the excellent Warhol’s “Milanese” lesson: nowadays simplicity and efficacy are necessary to achieve success. In his picture we can notice one of the most commercial  themes of painting’s history, such as beautiful and sensual women that usually remind us the world of fashion with  beautiful faces and sensual expressions that attract your look directly with their  suggestive provocations. These expressions are able to generate sensual or erotic dreams in man or a in mirror in which women can recognize themselves as a model to aspire to or as “glamour” models. The way beauty is represented is to show women with big lips that the painter usually enhances through the use of lipstick, eyes and face makeup. This clearly shows the connection of modern and urban women with fashion and advertising as a typical and distinctive signal of Guido’s art and the Milanese mentality, one of the most important fashion capitals in Europe.

Guido’s painting is a symbol of prestige, quality and beauty as a signs of elegance to the clients or the people that appreciated his artwork in their own houses and spaces like a manifestation of artistic knowledge, communication  with other people and appreciation. The series from 2001 until 2010 shows the  evolution of the painter from the works that have more realistic traits and colours (see such works as “Trice 1/2/3” or “Touch”) to works which are influenced by Warhol and the pop art  with the superposition of colours in the pictures. The elements of the popular culture, which become trade-marks themselves (with women elements), show the affinity that Guido has with Warhol in the choice of a beautiful models to be painted (see Works as “K” and“Pop-optical-K”). His perspectives particularly focus on the parts of women’s faces which evoke sensual feelings and the spectator is led to notice them at first sight.

Feelings and colours such as yellow, red, blue, black, white, purple and sometimes green, match each to the other and are used by Guido to create the picture; red and yellow or blue are used for the “classic” shading (light and shade: Chiaroscuro) based on the degradation of the colour and the contrast, in which the light has a compositional predominance over the painted faces. The pleasure of the senses and the expression of pleasure is manifested in the faces of women in which hair sometimes appear almost scratched, as if the painter was using a graffiti technique.

In the series 2010 2011 – the cutting and division of canvas is aimed to create separate environments which can be used to make portraits representing the evolutionary statuses of the painting’s subject within the same framework, both in terms of time and space. Here we have the combination of written text and images which contribute to reinforce the paintings message and meaning with elements coming from graffiti artwork styles. Guido’s other peculiar painting style is that by which he paints double or multiple faces in which the onlookers can compare masculine and feminine traits which are intermingled and are distinct at the same time.

This decomposition of canvas in the series 2010-2011 serves as a source of inspiration that will lead to the next series of compositional paintings painted between 2011 and 2015. (In these last compositions : “poly-eclectic” style the overlap of frames of different sizes will be characteristic). Finally, we can say that Guido’s painting style represents the archetype of the current values of contemporary life and, by means of a great technical quality, he is able to show us the world of fashion and the urban beauty of contemporary women and cities.

Alejandro de Luna


Selected group and solo shows
2017 – Group show, Palazzo Cavalcabò – Cremona
2017 – Solo exhibition, Badenoch & Clark, Milan
2016 – Group show, SetUp contemporary Art Fair, Bologna
2015 – Solo exhibition, ABI Eventi, Roma
2012 > to date – Solo exhibition, Galleria del Vento, Monza
2014 – Group show, Candid Arts Gallery, London
2013 > to date – Solo exhibition, Wako, Nice, France
2013 – Documentary “Guido” XIV Short Film Festival “I corti sul lettino”
2013 – Solo exhibition, IFD Gallery, Milan
2012 – Group show, Museum Archivio G. Sacchi, Sesto San Giovanni
2012 – Solo exhibition, “Growing up” Combines XL, Milan
2012 – Solo exhibition, “Extemporary” Banca Sistema, Milan
2012 – Solo exhibition, “Polyptych” Atelier Chagall, Milan
2011 – Group show, “Last but not the least”, Action Space, Milan
2011 – Solo exhibition, “The future is back” Viadante14 Gallery, Milan
2010 – Solo exhibition, “Trice” Viadante14 Gallery, Milan
2010 – Performance, “What’s left?” Biennale Art New York, New York
2009 – Group show, “MiX3Triad” Studio Iroko, Milan
2009 – Group show, “L’Infanzia a Colori” via Mercanti, Milan
2009 – Group show, “OCHO” Rojo ArtSpace, Milan
2008 – Group show, Inoperable Gallery & Rojo ArtSpace, Wien
2008 – Solo exhibition, Puzzle Gallery, Milan
2008 – Solo exhibition, Straf Hotel, Milan
2007 – Solo exhibition, Straf Hotel, Milan
2007 – Group show, Theatre of Music, Bratislava
2006 – Solo exhibition, Killer Plastic, Milan
2005 > 2011 – Solo exhibition, Spazio Pontaccio, Milan
2005 – Solo exhibition, Teatro delle Erbe, Milan
2005 – Solo exhibition, WuTangClan-Ghostface Killah show, Milan
2005 – Group show, Triennale, Zero2 project Campari mixx for Art, Milan
2003 – Solo exhibition, Killer Plastic, Milan


Trussardi wallpaper design – Galleria Alberto Sordi Roma
Trussardi Tram & Fiat 500 – Fashion week Milan
Twizy Renault car design performance
Nissan Juke car design performance
Dirk Bikkembergs / Kazam mobile – live painting – art windows flagship store Milan
Veuve Clicquot – D Repubblica magazine – Adv reinterpretation
Korff Italia – D Repubblica magazine – Adv reinterpretation
Siviglia – D Repubblica magazine – Adv reinterpretation
Original Marines – D Repubblica magazine – Adv reinterpretation
Centostazioni, Porta Garibaldi, Milan – wall performance
Patrizia Pepe – Firenze – aftershow – live painting
Casio G-shock world tour Milan
Swarovski & Sanblas – bags cover
Milan Museum San Siro – group show
Lions Interantional – live painting
Red Bull – redbull cooler event
Mini BMW – Milan – live painting
Lago Apartment, Milan – group show
Campari Mixx for Art