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Rear window – March 2020

This piece of my work exemplifies the unpredictable nature of the lives we live and how we can find beauty and hope in them. With the new outbreak taking place throughout the world, and some areas are more affected than others, our greatest challenge is how we deal with these circumstances and withstand this storm. This contagion has put our whole country on its knees, and we had no choice but to stay in our homes.


The yellow and red strokes used to paint the building symbolize the transformation into prisons of our beautiful houses that we cannot escape even if we want to. The artwork as a whole symbolizes the fact that we are trapped in our homes, looking feverishly at the world outside the limits of our walls to see what is happening.

The eye that stares at the residents reflects sadness, despair, and helplessness about its current state of confinement. However, it still has the resilience and patience to look to the future and wait for events to change for the better.

“Rear window” by dutygorn
Markers on canvas
20x30cm – March 2020

Future Futurism by DutyGorn @ Merbag Milano

This artwork encapsulates the bewitching beauty of Milan, a city that boasts of beautiful architecture. One of the most significant artworks ever made with canvases set to overlap each other, the three dimensional built of the painting adds visual perception and details that signify the diverse and meaningful experiences that the city has to offer to one and all.

The myriad of bright yellow, red, pink and blue hues playing around with each other, running across the layers in variant shapes to create a picturesque city view are symbolic of the constant evolution and change that has been an essential part of the history of Milan.

Future Futurism by DutyGorn
Acrylic, spray and markers on different layers of canvas
507×375 cm

Mercedes-Benz Merbag SpA
Via Daimler 1 – Milano


DutyGorn Exhibition @ Orea Malià Atelier – Via Marghera 18, Milano 

The exhibition set up by Orea Malia Atelier, located in Via Marghera a few steps from the center, is an escape from the gloomy reality of ordinary life in the bright and beautiful world designed by the artist.
The exposition depicts the artist’s unique journey from the art form on canvas to the adoption of eccentric formats that deviate from traditional art. Today, his work captures the essence of the disintegration of a work of art to reveal its depth, soul and inner beauty.
Join this exposition and experience the art world from the detached eyes of the artist.

Orari apertura: Martedì/sabato 09.00 – 19.00 – oreamalia.it

PoliclinicRun 2019

Si svolgerà  il 26 maggio, all’interno del Parco di City Life a Milano, la prima edizione della POLICLINIC RUN, la corsa benefica non competitiva aperta a tutta la cittadinanza, il cui ricavato sarà devoluto allo sviluppo di progetti clinici legati alla perfusione e al ricondizionamento degli organi per il trapianto.


Organizzatori e promotori della manifestazione sono AIDO Milano e Fondazione Trapianti Onlus, il cui obiettivo comune è di sensibilizzare la cittadinanza e di promuovere la cultura della donazione di organi, tessuti e cellule.

Hong Kong exhibition

Traveling the world is one of the most enriching and liberating experiences of life.

Amongst other things, my work has always given me the opportunity to travel around the world, to showcase my art to people and to communicate a variety of emotions and experiences, otherwise challenging to communicate, through my creativity.

This time around, my art took me to Hong Kong, a beautiful and vibrant city with some of the most enthusiastic and welcoming people I have ever met. Hong Kong is a city that is high on life, a city that has enough for everyone.

The fantastic people who visited my exhibition and their valuable words of appreciation were a reward in itself. To say that my exhibition in Hong Kong was a delightful experience would be an understatement. I had more fun than I can put into words. Here are some memoirs from my trip to this gem of a place.

Soul behind the face – solo exhibition – Hong Kong

29th March / 8th April 2019 – Nido Gallery
254 Hollywood road – Hong Kong

The levels in the work represent two different chromatic situations. On one side we can see the chromatic staircase of the grey ones with these colors it tells what once upon the time represented the images in black and white, on other different levels we can glimpse the colors turned on of the light, chromatic contrasts turned on with lines defined that they decompose the figure. The stratifications on different panels have a symbolic meaning, it is the DutyGorn code that portraits the soul through the past and the future, it is a continuous search for the soul within itself. Give back a new identity to the artwork.


DUTYGORN 的這次展出內容是一個連接著過去與未來,找尋心靈的歷程。




Gosh official

Gosh Festival 16.02.2019 Santeria Social Club Milano Partner: Radio Raheem e Perimetro Line-up con ingresso a pagamento: Romare + Clap! Clap! (live) + Nabihah Iqbal GOSH Festival è un evento poliedrico e multi-artistico, che nasce per promuovere la commistione di diverse forme artistiche in uno stesso luogo e in uno stesso tempo. Vogliamo che persone e artisti s’incontrino e confrontino in un ambiente ricco di energia per dar vita a qualcosa di nuovo: qualcosa che non giura fedeltà  ad alcun genere, stile o moda: musica, fotografia, street art e pittura si mescolano e contaminano. Artisti nazionali ed internazionali si esibiscono esprimendo al meglio la loro creatività, liberi di comunicare, senza forzature e freni. Santeria Social Club è la location milanese ideale con tutte le possibili trasformazioni delle sue sale e dei suoi spazi. Il GOSH Festival è legato al lancio della mobile app Gosh, disponibile su App Store e Google Play, che rivoluziona il modo di partecipare agli eventi e di fare networking.

Romare – dj set
Clap! Clap! – live
Nibihah Iqbal – dj set
Santeria Soul Alldayer – dj set
San Hell Sing – live

Art & Culture
Dutygorn – street art
No Curves – tape art
Perimetro – rivista milanese di fotografia

Touché – exhibition

Da gennaio al 6 giugno 2020

L’artista disegna una creatura, raffigura l’essere umano ritratto in un istante. L’istante e la creatura sono l’opera. La prima cosa che si perde smettendo di guardarla, è l’immagine. Prima dagli occhi e poi, nel tempo, dalla mente. Ma quanto si è provato guardandola, resta indelebile. L’arte tramuta le note profonde dell’anima quando siamo soggiogati dal silenzio. Dialoga con lo spartito originale, primordiale: fa dell’immagine di semplici note disegnate su linee, una sinfonia magnifica.

@Valentina Iorene Desideri

AseSTANTE – Via Enrico Besana, 11, 20122  – Milano – Tel. +39 389 29 27 987 – info@asestante.com