October 26th  | November 30th  2023
Exhibition curated by Giovanni Busacca
Stazione Arte Contemporary


Contemporary, pop, and sophisticated artist, educated with graffiti and restless work on walls, evolves his art through constant research, testing new techniques and surfaces. He works on canvas, develops three-dimensional creations, and explores live performance.

His work over the past decade has been exhibited in art galleries and institutional spaces in many different countries and cities around the world, such as China, Hong Kong, London, Vienna, and Bratislava. Due to his versatile vision, he works with different industries and brands, including fashion, automotive, and design.

DutyGorn, through maturation and experimentation with materials, refined his technique and philosophy, developing and emphasizing the concept of beauty by subtracting from the form the perfection of the sign and the rigorousness of the stroke in a maniacal, personal, aesthetic pursuit.

Estetika, besides being an ode to beauty perfection – which is increasingly neglected in modern times – tells us, through a selection from the artist’s most representative works, about the importance of visual and chromatic balance, even in the approach to everyday life.

The use of the countenance of ethereal female faces and the angularity of monumental architecture are his domain of research. Winding lines intertwine with straight ones, and the choice to use primary colors gives his works a clear and instant purity, which takes us to the research and refinement of the hand-painted advertising campaigns from the glorious 50s—reworked in a contemporary twist through the use of strong visual references and always bright colors.

Faces that never depict any actual person take us to different eras and settings – disjointed, hinted at, and sometimes invaded.
A pleasant yet powerful harmony accompanies us, and the cleanliness of his works soothes, maintaining a flair of glamour and an undisputed communicative power.

Stazione Arte Contemporary
Via F. Lippi 10, Milan
Open from Tuesday to Saturday

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