DutyGorn Brushes Wall

Art is limitless and this is represented flawlessly in this project, where the art creation piece becomes art itself. Born as an impulsive street art project #dutygornbrushes, the idea of using brushes applied to a custom canvas to communicate through the language of art is a unique way to see just how innumerable perspectives exist to look at life. The brushes, serving as a base, create a distinctive three-dimensional view that adds character and depth to the final piece of art. Each brush is customized by hand and decorated with miniature characters representing scenery and circumstances of life. Each piece with its bright colors and vibrant feel is an outline of “A Miniature Life” enacted on a brush.

@A.se.stante via Enrico Besana, 11 – Milano, upon reservation, mail: andrea@asestante.com

Hunter Games

Art is an expression that brings to surface the feelings and emotions that cannot be condensed into words. It creates a timeless bond between the creator and the creation. Sharing of art in itself is an unforgettable experience, and this time through my art, I intend to make the audience an integral part of that experience.

Citylife, a beautiful area in Milan, has organized “Hunter Game”, an artistic project that will not just infuse the site in a burst of colours, bringing it alive through my artwork, but will also bring its people together in their hunt for the brushes that I will leave behind as breadcrumbs in all my paintings splashed across the area to show my passage.

The project intends to bring the people of Citylife close to each other in a fun and engaging gaming hunt, in a time where we need to experience – more than anything – that feeling of being together again. It is an artistic venture that while adding a punch of visual appeal in an already lively at heart area, will be a symbol of so much that life has to offer.

What’s more fun is that the people who do end up finding the brushes will receive a wonderful surprise gift. This project that is created in collaboration with @dutygorn with @citylifeshoppingdistrict will be disseminated through social media and stories. Keep an eye out for this exciting experience that is sure to be a breath of fresh, colourful air for everyone out there!

virtual catching #stayhome

Our commitment is to stay at home to prevent the contagion. The challenge is to play with social responsibility #stayhome

You are invited to participate in the first #virtualcatching. The hunt is virtual follow @dutygorn‘s stories and posts

Find the location and send a message to @dutygorn, the first one to guess the exact location will win, the brushes is real and will be sent

– Stay at home
– It’s a virtual hunting
– Follow the posts of @dutygorn and @_artogether
– Identify the place
– Send a message
– The fastest wins
– The brush is real
– The winner will receive it at home


Power by Artogether

Rear window – March 2020

This piece of my work exemplifies the unpredictable nature of the lives we live and how we can find beauty and hope in them. With the new outbreak taking place throughout the world, and some areas are more affected than others, our greatest challenge is how we deal with these circumstances and withstand this storm. This contagion has put our whole country on its knees, and we had no choice but to stay in our homes.


The yellow and red strokes used to paint the building symbolize the transformation into prisons of our beautiful houses that we cannot escape even if we want to. The artwork as a whole symbolizes the fact that we are trapped in our homes, looking feverishly at the world outside the limits of our walls to see what is happening.

The eye that stares at the residents reflects sadness, despair, and helplessness about its current state of confinement. However, it still has the resilience and patience to look to the future and wait for events to change for the better.

“Rear window” by dutygorn
Markers on canvas
20x30cm – March 2020

Facciamo Piazza – Vetra Building

L’evento è volto a valorizzare l’area di Piazza Vetra, in vista di un intervento architettonico che interesserà l’edificio del Vetra Building, l’ex sede dell’esattoria civica di Milano. Questa sarà un’opera di riqualificazione che partirà dall’edificio, con la volontà di valorizzare l’area circostante. L’evento pertanto mirerà a sviluppare senso di appartenenza all’area di Piazza Vetra per chi vive il quartiere. Sarà il primo passo verso la costruzione di una nuova e distintiva identità del luogo. Il Vetra Building si trova in Via della Chiusa 2, si affaccia su Piazza della Vetra e, oltre alla magnifica vista sulla stupenda basilica di San Lorenzo, darà una nuova connotazione all’uso degli spazi, che accoglieranno attività polifunzionali. L’immobile, che è parte del portafoglio di AXA Investment Managers – Real Assets, sarà riqualificato interamente in grado A e certificato LEED Gold. La progettazione è stata affidata a Il Prisma. Il progetto mira alla creazione di uno spazio pubblico che integri memoria storica, essenza dei luoghi con una visione innovativa della funzione e dell’uso degli spazi pubblici, improntata sempre più ai principi di una mobilità urbana lenta e multimodale, all’implementazione del verde urbano a beneficio dei cittadini, residenti o meno.

Refill my energy

Refill my energy è l’evento organizzato da Il Prisma per completare insieme a tutti i partecipanti gli uffici Red Bull progettati e realizzati da Il Prisma. Artisti e makers guideranno laboratori creativi, per realizzare insieme a Voi opere, che completeranno gli spazi, sul claim definito dal concept design.