Guido, DutyGorn, was born in Milan in 1980 and is the most multifaceted figure in the Milanese art scene. His production is not limited to works on canvas; it also develops into three-dimensional compositions, murals, and live performances that express an immediately recognizable, vital, and clearly delineated art, both in style and in the subjects represented. His works are exhibited in art galleries and institutional spaces in different countries around the world.

DutyGorn’s painting and style are the representation of sensual elegance, beauty and urban painting, representing the archetype of current values of contemporary life, symbolizing prestige, luxury, quality and beauty, and embodying the immediacy and dynamism of the metropolitan environment, able to show us the world, people and urban beauty with biting immediacy, freshness and contemporaneity. The elements of Pop culture reinterpreted by the Artist, themselves become trademarks with the same feminine and masculine elements. The connection with Warhol is undeniable.

The perspectives and attentional focus are on the parts of the faces, triggering sensual feelings in the viewer’s imagination, capturing the viewer deep inside. The pleasure given by the senses is the very expression of pleasure manifested in the faces, in which the hair at times appears almost scratched, capturing dynamism, charm and energy.

Subjects also involve matter: spaces, buildings and the whole urban atmosphere, which dress DutyGorn’s art like a natural garment, acquiring and highlighting its forms and dynamism. The sensations and impact given by the prismatic decomposition of colors, combine into shapes, textures and shades with a hypnotic flavor, which are used by DutyGorn to create a unique relationship between the work and the viewer, an unconscious perceptual dialogue that embodies the mirror with which to confront the intimate perception of self and others, even to the point of reinventing and redefining the spaces around us.

Thanks to the powerful perceptual appeal of light, which has a compositional predominance over painted faces and metropolitan spaces, emotions come to life giving color to reality, trespassing from the wall and the work, to envelop the viewer and his or her imagination in a vision that opens the door to the world of the Artist.