Entering the artist’s world is like entering a universe

DutyGorn’s portraits instantly capture the viewer’s attention to transport him or her into their own vibrant dimension of color and flashes of light, of vital energy flowing from the canvas.

The artist’s style, recognizable by its decisive color combinations, the nullification of the contours of the figures in the background field and expertly set close-up shots, is striking for the underlying quest for formal perfection and for the overall balance that characterizes the works, in which each subject depicted seems destined to be transformed into a revelation of ideal beauty.

Future wise
acrylic on canvas 70×100 cm

In his paintings laden with
color statementsseek to capture the precision

of a line that accumulates

the many

of a muse.

The female figure, the true protagonist of DutyGorn’s portraits, presents herself to the viewer in an imagined transfiguration that is utopia, memory, aspiration.

To achieve this, DutyGorn cancels distances and breaks down the boundaries between different elements, deconstructs the dimensions of the composition, and reconfigures the nature of a face to come ever closer to its archetypal perfection.

It is the gesture of the artist, who highlights and erases, overlaps and fractionates the different planes of reality, based on his own creativity and the inspiration of the moment.

Bright blue
acrylic and markers on canvas 100×150 cm

The shadows seem to chase the line

which draws
the gaze

the depth

of look.

Hyde park
acrylic on canvas 50×70 cm

Fletting moments
acrylic on canvas 100×150 cm

Gently dancing in the wind
acrylic on canvas 150×100 cm

Through other’s eyes
acrylic on canvas 150×100 cm

Thinking hand
acrylic on canvas 72x92cm

Souls in the hands
acrylic on canvas 70×100 cm

The colors of our souls reflect our thoughts
acrylic on canvas 72×92 cm

acrylic on canvas 40×50 cm

Highlights and erases, overlaps and fractionates different planes of reality

With references to graffiti art and to the Movements that have marked the history of twentieth-century art, first and foremost the Pop movement, DutyGorn deposits on the surface sure brushstrokes of acrylic or tempera colors, transfiguring the subject and estranging it from spatiotemporal references, until it becomes a modern, secular icon, silently standing before us with an algid, magnetic and almost shameless gaze.

acrylic and tempera on canvas 70×100 cm

acrylic and tempera on canvas 70×100 cm

Looking up
acrylic and tempera on canvas 70×100 cm

acrylic and tempera on canvas 70×100 cm

Sensual love
acrylic and tempera on canvas 170×270 cm

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