estetiKa October 26th  | November 30th  2023 Exhibition curated by Giovanni Busacca Stazione Arte Contemporary   Contemporary, pop, and sophisticated artist, educated with graffiti and restless work on walls, evolves his art through constant research, testing new techniques [...]

By |November 20, 2023|

Open weekend @ Merbag Milan

During the Merbag Mercedes open weekend, DutyGorn delivered an extraordinary live performance. The bright colors and dynamic shapes he used captured the essence of the Merbag Mercedes world, emphasizing its speed and power. This work, created for the new Monza [...]

By |April 18, 2023|

Bank System Art | Auction

CHARITY AUCTION BANK SYSTEM ART In support of the people of Ukraine On Monday, Dec. 5, 2022, the nonprofit project Banca SISTEMA ARTE, launched in 2011 with the establishment of Banca Sistema and the desire to promote young Italian [...]

By |December 6, 2022|

Follow your dream

Seregno, 11 Bottego Street. A mural created by DutyGorn for Academy Musical Arts, saying no to bullying and discrimination Seregno. Funded and supported by the City of Seregno through the Youth Summer 2022 call, the project aims [...]

By |October 23, 2022|

Museum of Time

Time. A linear conception, a scanning of minutes, hours, decades. But not here, not in Cicognara. Not in the "Museum of Time" of Pennelli Cinghiale, where I studied and designed not only each work, but also the environments [...]

By |May 26, 2022|
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