Vogue Uomo, Micheal Stipe portrait

When he abandoned the adrenaline-fueled spray cans to turn to acrylics, or even the far more traditional tempera paints, his old companions in his nocturnal adventures ostracized him, “But then,” he comments, polemically amused, “they took to painting, too. DutyGorn, first name Guido, is another writer who, equipped with robust talent, has made the big leap: from murals on dim walls to canvases, from risky forays, an eye for flashing lights, to painting in prestigious art spaces, to performances at the New York Biennale Art. Starting today, Duty Gorn will be featured at Ifd Gallery with an exhibition with the ambitious title, “The Seduction of Life Among the Fragments of a Face.” That’s right, because Duty Gorn is not limited, like many of its former brethren. graffiti artists, to concentrate, sometimes instead to dilate, the usual explosions of colors, the more or less linear interweavings of violent backgrounds. He works to marry form and emotion. Fragments and words, together. “In DutyGorn’s deconstructed works,” writes the exhibition’s curator, Gianluca Ranzi, dotingly, “where the image of the face breaks down into emotional planes, text insertions create an additional space. In short, almost a challenge, an invitation to the viewer to become a participant in the work. As semioticians have taught the, few but happy, frequent novelists.
Gian Marco Walch

D – the Republic, special edition – Adv reinterpretation

Allure, New York


Elle decor, Pontaccio space

Glass Magazine, interview