This work of mine exemplifies the unpredictable nature of the lives we live and how we can find beauty and hope in them. With the new epidemic occurring around the world and some areas being more affected than others, our biggest challenge is how to deal with these circumstances and weather this storm. This contagion brought our whole country to its knees, and we had no choice but to stay in our homes.

The yellow and red brush strokes used to paint the building symbolize the transformation into prisons of our beautiful homes from which we cannot escape even if we wanted to. The artwork as a whole represents the fact that we are trapped in our homes, feverishly watching the world outside the confines of our walls to see what is happening.

The eye staring at the residents reflects sadness, despair and helplessness at his current state of confinement. However, he still has the resilience and patience to look to the future and wait for events to change for the better.

“Rear window” by dutygorn
Markers on canvas
20×30 cm – March 2020