Take a young artist who has cut his teeth as a street writer, ask him to interpret the post-crisis transformations in New York City territory, provide him with the route of the most famous 42 kilometers in history, those of the New York City Marathon, propose that he leave traces of made-in-the-USA icons revisited , limp, defaced but still alive. Here is the way most consistent with Duty Gorn’s DNA to begin a true city domination with traces of brilliant allegorical interpretation of the griefs elaborated by the consciousness of authentic New Yorkers, those who live and feel every day the heaviness of the responsibility of belonging to a magnificent city, in which everything, however, even terrible, becomes imposing. The 2010 New York Biennial will host an extraordinary installation, but the artist’s street soul begins to send signals with stencils that launch a few days before the great American sporting event, a real teaser campaign to legitimize a role of emotional involvement that, like an authentic river in flood, will carry emotions, colors, thoughts and symbols of a difficult but true rebirth. 6 stencils will talk about DutyGorn, are you ready NY?