A linear conception, a scanning of minutes, hours, decades.

But not here, not in Cicognara. Not in the “Museum of Time” of Pennelli Cinghiale, where I studied and designed not only each work, but also the environments and rooms to make you lose linear cognition of time and space, where ceilings become walls, where years do not follow one another in continuity.

The breakdown of dates and time are the starting point of a journey that you can experience starting in May at the new Pennelli Cinghiale Museum of Time, on Via Milano in Cicognara.


The purpose is to bring people inside the work giving emotion e memories related to the colors.

Imagine you are in the main entrance of the museum, look up toward the ceiling: welcoming you is the work Upside Down, a horizontal wall that with a deep aesthetic sense of reinterpreting space and materials, works on the concept of past/used to give new and unexpected shape to the future.

The project is the result of meticulous aesthetic research into colors and dimensions-the brushes in the work are those used for the Museum’s creation. Here they are transformed, take on new value, a new artistic life.

Upside down –
Installation – 2022

The purpose is to bring people into the work by giving emotion and memories related to the colors. As the artist himself recounts, “The project is the result of painstaking research and a deep aesthetic sense of reinterpreting materials, their use and reuse“. The brushes used to make the Museum, were transformed into a new art form, thus giving it a new life.


A futuristic reinterpretation of images with marker strokes that evoke a past that is still present.

Continuing the journey inside the Museum, we follow the lines to move forward in the physical journey, but going back in time. We begin with a viewing of 3 Retouché – Markers on glass 60×80 cm – The black-and-white images trace the historical connection between Pennelli Cinghiale and sports, but are reinterpreted in a futuristic key, with marker strokes that evoke a past that is still present today.

These works guide us to the Room Machine room. Here every object of the past is deconstructed, like time itself, and takes on a new function, a new purpose. You will be greeted by a historic brush-making machine that here in the museum becomes a narrator of its own history and the company. In fact, a film camera for reproducing archival materials is located inside.

From video to sound, the Room Machine is an experience where the past physically meets the present and interacts with the viewer and his or her senses. In fact, an old telephone is also affixed in the room, what and who is heard on the other side I will let you find out for yourself.

The lines are designed to create a time distortion, thus creating a dejàvu, the future returns with a familiarity to the past, a play of time that disrupts the continuum of the

It is in the Hall that the viewer understands, like a Déjà Vu, that all the works, all the spaces and environments start and converge from a work of more than 5mt.

Like the whole museum, the work is also a decomposed installation from which all the lines that have been guiding viewers start and converge: this is where the time distortion originates, which also distorts the faces depicted in the work. The change of time also affects the change of the person himself, who evolves, transforms, and is never the same.

Looking around, you will also discover the installation “Brushes in Time”-Acrylic on Decomposed Canvas 159×162 cm – 2022.

The acrylic lines symbolize the hands of a clock that, motionless, stop time around us, as do the 30 historic and original brushes, immortalized on canvas.

The Museum of Time transforms space and time, so much so that even the building's exteriors become art themselves, such as Time Mirror, a work that is intrinsically linked to the others housed within the museum. Like the hands of a clock that mark time, the lines that traced the path emerge from the walls, break through the ceiling to unite past-present-future, even outside the Museum, in everyday life.

DutyGorn creates a path, where, while on the one hand we find the face, a distinctive character of his works, on the other hand we meet the lines, a sign of his latest creative journey.

The mural, titled "Time Mirror," is located along the facade of Pennelli Cinghiale's manufacturing plant in Cicognara, visible from 222 Milan Street.

The lines echo the path Duty Gorn has also taken in the interiors of Pennelli Cinghiale, thus forming a path between indoors and outdoors: they are designed to create a temporal distortion, a dejàvu, in which the future returns with familiarity to the past, a play of time that disrupts the space-time continuum. Colored lines cut across the surface and intersect each other like rays of light that unfold in space past the edges to continue ideally to infinity. They create a controlled chaos capable of generating a strong aesthetic impact, which proves to be a pacifying solution to the disorder of reality that surrounds us.

The female face, the true protagonist of the mural, captures the viewer's attention and transports them into their own vibrant dimension of flashes of light and vital energy, in perfect balance with the color lines of the surface.