Seregno, 11 Bottego Street. A mural created by DutyGorn for Academy Musical Arts, a project funded and supported by the City Of Seregno to say no to bullying and discrimination

Seregno. Funded and supported by the City of Seregno through the Youth Summer 2022 call, the project aims to create teamwork with other associations against discrimination and gender-based violence. The fight against violence , cannot be separated from actions to support cultural changes, mainly in younger age groups for whom it has to do with gender approach and their own freedom to live and be. The “Follow your dream” project aims to contribute to the reduction of violence and discrimination and bullying, through improving the knowledge and skills of youth groups from high schools and youth groups active in the territories, on issues related to human rights advocacy and development.
The overall goal of the project is to raise awareness against discrimination starting with young people, with the aim of not relegating the discussion of tools for combating violence only within small groups, with the risk of self-referral.


Academy Musical Art
is a place for growth and education, within the Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood, and is intended to be an example of how a cultural center can be conceived as an innovative tool to contribute to the regeneration of an urban suburb.
Art is a form of expression that brings people together: it is an act of hope that can provide a sense of belonging even in times of violence, discrimination and bullying through its ability to communicate feelings. Hope in this work is told by the proud gazes, turned toward the future, of the subjects, men and women, belonging to the artist’s life but reinterpreted and represented through his style.